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Ford AC Cobra weathered, rusted steel sign (tsa)

Ford AC Cobra weathered, rusted steel sign (tsa)

This is an interesting little curio - almost unique!

We have picked up a small number of these interesting signs

It is made in Australia and is a newly made steel sign, deliberately made to look very old, faded and rusted, as though it has been sitting forgotten in the back of a damp garage for donkey's years!

It is hand made - the manufacturer starts with a new sheet of steel, adds the facsimile old Australian advert, then deliberately weathers and rusts the whole sign  - the rusting and weathering will not be exactly the same on any two signs!

The final result is a sign which if you were told was 30 years old and had been left in an exposed place all that time, you would believe it to be the case!

Get it while you can!

300mm x 200mm with pre drilled holes for fixing

Our Price: £14.99

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